Schedule your blood draw

The blood draw is included in the price of the test if scheduled with a partner.

At your home, office, or location of your choice
Call ExamOne at 1−888−889−4909 to schedule your appointment at a convenient time and place for you.


At a partner location near you

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Interested in an at-home blood draw?

Save time by having one of our partners conveniently come to your home, office, or location of choice.

Call ExamOne at 1-888-889-4909 to schedule your appointment.

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At this time, the only complimentary blood draw option available near you is an at-home blood draw.

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When scheduling through Clinical Pathology Laboratories, choose “Routine Lab.”

Preparing for your blood draw

Good news — no fasting or additional payment is necessary for your Galleri test blood draw. The trained technician who collects your sample will guide the next steps.

Bring these items to your blood draw:

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FAQs about the Galleri test

Visit the blood draw locator to either find a partner lab near you and contact them to schedule an appointment or determine if the location allows walk-ins. You can also schedule an appointment at your home, office, or location of choice. You will need a copy of your completed test request form and an unopened Galleri specimen collection kit for your blood draw.

Once you receive your collection kit, please do not break the quality seal on it. The collection kit should be opened by the trained practitioner who draws your blood sample. Make sure you store it at room temperature until your blood draw appointment. The contents are sensitive to extreme temperatures. For example, avoid storing your collection kit in the trunk of your car for long periods of time.

The lab technician who draws your blood will pack and ship your sample back to GRAIL for processing.

Your sample will arrive at GRAIL 1 to 2 business days after your blood draw.

No preparation or fasting is required for the Galleri test.

Approximately 1.5 tablespoons (or about 20 mL) of blood in two tubes typically from a vein in your arm.

If you no longer wish to receive your Galleri results, please contact your healthcare provider to request a cancellation. If you are unable to reach your healthcare provider or require further assistance, please contact GRAIL Customer Service by emailing customerservice@​grail.​com or calling 833−694−2553.