Complete your blood draw

The blood draw is available at no additional cost to you, if it is done through one of our partners. There are two ways to schedule your blood draw: (1) have a trained technician come to you or (2) visit a partner lab location near you.

Two ways to complete your blood draw

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With a trained technician at your home or location of choice

Save time by having one of our trusted partners come to you at no additional cost. Call ExamOne at 1-888-889-4909 to schedule your appointment or schedule online with Getlabs using the button below.

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At a partner lab near you

Preparing for your blood draw

Good news—no fasting or additional payment is necessary for your blood draw. At your appointment, a trained technician will guide the next steps.

For your blood draw, you'll need these items:

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Unopened collection kit

Receive by mail or from your healthcare provider

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Your test requisition form

Received by email or from your healthcare provider