Using Galleri®
in your practice

Implement with ease

The Galleri test only requires a simple blood draw, allowing integration into existing patient touchpoints such as annual health checks or routine blood work.

Recommended Use

Order and specimen collection

Patient cost

Results and next steps

Recommended use

The Galleri test should be used in addition to recommended cancer screenings such as mammography, colonoscopy, PSA, or cervical cancer screening. It is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk of cancer, such as those aged 50 or older.

Ordering and specimen collection

The Galleri test can be ordered electronically through the Provider Portal or by completing a Test Requisition Form (TRF). Learn more on our test ordering page.

Specimen collection

To provide you with the best test experience, download a copy of the Specimen Collection Instructions for you or your phlebotomy provider.

If you would like to use an external phlebotomy provider, use our partner locator to find one near you.

Patient Cost

The list price for the Galleri test is $949. Contact GRAIL Customer Service if you have questions about pricing.

Patients should work with their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) administrator or health insurance company to determine if the Galleri test is an eligible expense.

A flexible payment plan may also be available for patients. For more information, contact our Billing Support Team at 855−755−3613.


Employer benefit

All or a portion of the Galleri test may be covered by some individual employers as an employer-sponsored benefit. Patients should contact their employer to learn whether they cover the Galleri test and to check their eligibility.

Have additional cost or billing questions? Contact GRAIL Customer Service.

Results and next steps

Galleri test results will be released to the ordering healthcare provider within 10 business days after a patient’s sample has been received at GRAIL’s laboratory.
Healthcare providers will receive test results via the Provider Portal. Provider Portal users will be able to set up email notifications when new results are ready.

The Galleri test results

Cancer Signal Not Detected

Cancer Signal Detected

+ Top Predicted Cancer Signal Origin(s)

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