Working together

with routine screening

Adding the Galleri test to Routine Screenings

Today, routine screening is recommended for certain patients for breast, cervical, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers1. Galleri complements single cancer screenings for more comprehensive early cancer detection.

The Galleri test is not intended to replace these important screenings.

Guideline recommended screening tests

Cancer types graph1 outlined GRL501 Grail Galleri Charts Patient R6 00 Existing Screenings Patient Early Detection Mobile

Galleri detects more than 50 types of cancer3, most of which do not have routine screening tests. Galleri does not detect all cancers, and therefore, should be used in addition to, and not replace, guideline-recommended screening in order to maximize the chances of detecting cancer early.3

  1. Screening includes methods recommended by United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) A, B, and C ratings.
  2. For patients at high risk of lung cancer.
  3. Klein E, et al. Clinical validation of a targeted methylation·based multi-cancer early detection test. Oral presentation at: American Association for Cancer Research; April, 2021; LB013.